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CBD and Amazon

December 04 2020

David vs Goliath. The 1980 U.S. Men's Hockey Team vs The Soviets. Average Joe's Gym vs Globo Gym Purple Cobras. Now, CBD vs Amazon.

Currently Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD on their platform. When the biggest retailer in the world does not allow an entire industry of products to be sold through them, issues are bound to arise. Although CBD is federally legal, Amazon is drastically hindering the expansion of this budding industry. Hemp oil is allowed to be sold on Amazon, but hemp oil is derived from hemp seeds and contains no beneficial cannabinoids like CBD. 

For typical consumers, they will compare "hemp oil" products they see on Amazon to CBD retailers and think they are getting drastically more milligrams of cannabinoids for much cheaper. Some products on Amazon contain over 150,000mg of hemp oil and sell for $12 compared to CBD specific products that contain 1,000mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (made from the leaves and stalks of the plant) and are $50. Higher potency products are expensive to produce so that should immediately raise red flags for consumers about the quality for Amazon's products and that these two example products are not the same. It is also just impossible to put 150,000mg of Hemp Extract CBD into a container of a few ounces! 

The best way to find a CBD product that is right for you is to shop CBD specific companies online that post their third party Certificate of Analysis, or COA, for each batch of product they produce. Ensure the lab results are recent so you know the product you're buying is fresh and not about to expire. 

On our website, cbduniverse.com, you will find specific batch results on each product page for all items we sell. If you have a question about our results, send us an email at hello@cbduniverse.com.