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The CBD Industry in 2021: Forward Thinking

January 27 2021

2021 is the year of hemp.

With the change of the presidential administrations, CBD will hopefully become uniformly regulated throughout the 50 states. This would occur by the FDA classifying CBD an a dietary supplement, allowing for it to be sold everywhere. The new legitimacy of CBD combined with marketing efforts will educate consumers. The newly deserved classification of CBD will also allow industry research to determine and confirm the already believed benefits of CBD. Large fortune 500 food and cosmetic companies will race to release CBD product lines, most likely acquiring or partnering with existing CBD companies.

The brands with the highest quality products will reign supreme as the imposters in the industry will be forced out. This process of the FDA legitimizing CBD, and the following cleansing of the market place will compound to further increase consumer trust is the remaining companies' products.

This will allow for marketing to increase consumer education and awareness. The "smoke" will clear from the industry and the company's who invested in infrastructure, CRM, and R&D will become victorious. Popular pay-per-click platforms, such as Google and Facebook, which are the main sites consumers see adds currently do not allow CBD ads, but will.

Mainstream and commonplace with specialty concoctions for niche markets. Specialty concoctions will be created for specific afflictions.

2021 is the start of the movement that will see CBD become a staple in American homes in such a way that Tylenol or Advil are today.