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CBD Label Compliance for Novices

September 14 2020

CBD Label Design

What do we require on our labels to ensure FDA and state compliance?

There are certain requirements as to what must be on a CBD product label in order to be FDA and state compliant. This pertains to our in-house manufactured products as well as compliances we follow for our white label/private label clients. These regulations are in place to protect consumers as so there is minimal confusion to ensure customers are purchasing what they intended to. 

  1. Brand Name
    1. This is for marketing purposes as well as for ease of shopping.
  2. Product identity
    1. The purpose of the CBD product, such as muscle relaxation or sleep aid.
  3. Net quantity of contents
    1. This must be included on outer and inner packaging and include the total amount of CBD as well as CBD per serving. It is measured by volume for liquids and weight for solids.
  4. Name, place of business, contact information
    1. Included so customers can contact the manufacturer or distributor. They are required on both the outer and inner packaging of the product. This can be achieved by actually including a phone number and address or a scannable QR code for consumers.
  5. Ingredient declaration
    1. Full declaration of all ingredients on an informational panel on the outside of the packaging or container.
  6. Warning or caution statements
    1. Warning for children, pregnant women, or elderly people as well as potential complications with any other meds. Often included is also a warning that this product can contain THC as well as stating that none of the statements have been evaluated by the FDA.
  7. Disclosure of material facts
    1. Disclosure of important facts, such as suggested usage and dosage and other specifics:
      1. If the CBD is Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or formulated with Isolate
      2. Manufacturing/Expiration date
      3. Batch codes / Lot numbers for seed to sale tracking
      4. QR code that links to the third party lab test results per batch

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