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Common CBD Myths

March 31 2020

There is no question CBD has many uses and benefits. Between the mental and physical health benefits that have shown tremendous results, it is no wonder that it is sweeping the nation as a being a "miracle cure" for many ailments. While many claims are true and have been proven by research, there are still quite a lot of myths about CBD that hinder its reputation. Here are four common myths that you may have heard and why they are wrong.

1. CBD and THC are the same

This one is probably the one that you have heard the most. Many people hear that they come from the same plant, so it means that it must get you high. This is wrong. It is true that it comes from the same plant, but they are different parts of the plant itself. CBD is the part of the Marijuana plant that is known to cause pain relief and reduce inflammation. THC is the part of it that is psychoactive. 

THC and CBD have different molecular structures, while they are very close to being similar they do not interact with the receptors in our bodies in the same way. This difference in arrangement greatly differentiates the effects each has on the body. This difference, while small, means that one acts psychoactively while the other doesn’t.

2. CBD is a miracle cure

While CBD helps with a lot of ailments, it isn’t a miracle cure. It doesn’t cure cancer or completely put a stop to insomnia. It can simply help those things. With so many different claims floating around, it can be hard to put together what it truly does. The answer is that it does a whole lot, but curing anything and everything is not among those.

3. CBD is addictive

This is largely false. Of course, human beings can get addicted to anything and everything when it becomes a habit, but CBD is not physically addictive. If you stop using it for a couple of days you aren’t going to withdraw or anything along those lines. It is meant to enhance and help your body’s ability to deal with aches and anxiety but not completely take it over so it can’t help itself.

4. More is better

Clinical trials have shown that at higher doses, CBD can actually have quite a few side effects like decreased appetite if taken in higher doses (1000 mg/ day). Just by cutting that dose in half, these trials were shown to decrease side effects while also having the same effect that it is claimed to have. Increasing a dose of CBD doesn’t always work in making you feel better than you would have without it.

It is also good to note that there are multiple types of CBD and some work better for certain types of issues. CBD products with more broad-spectrum uses may be more effective at lower doses than isolate CBD products that have a higher dose but are more focused. Always do your research when it comes to the product that you are using to ensure that it is the right one for you.

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