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February 16 2021

To understand the frustration in the industry, take a look into the past and you will most likely agree. 

Countless players have entered the industry since the 2018 Farm Bill created the industry. This CBD Gold Rush has lead to many unsatisfactory companies that create a poor reputation for the rest of the industry, which the goverment has not been able to keep pace with. This erodes consumers' trust in the industry and the trust between companies in the space, which only slows progress. 

The lack of regulations leave companies like Google and Facebook to create policies that outright outlaw the promoting of CBD products on their platforms. Even the world's largest retailer, Amazon, does not allow the sale of CBD products, which only inhibits the infantile industry. The battle of CBD vs Amazon and other companies may determine the fate of the industry. There have been bills introduced to the house of representatives that would increase that would increase regulation, but they have not bore fruit.  

Companies, such as CBD Universe, are beginning to rise above the noise to create a reputable name for themselves. We are straight forward with our partners, whether it is a bulk deal or white/private label. We lay out our process in Private Label Steps so each can accurately anticipate exactly what will be delivered. We follow strict guidelines (even for creating our labels) to ensure compliance with future regulations and to provide all the relevant information to our clients and end consumers.

If you look towards the future, it is bright for those that continue down this path towards legitimacy. 


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