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Fight On Two Fronts: Health in the time of Corona and the Flu

December 20 2020

There is no worse time than the holiday season to feel sick, but also no time more likely to catch something. It is cold and dry outside, and we spend numerous days and nights in close contact with our friends and families. The cold and dry weather months allow the Flu virus to spread due to the virus’ survival ability is heightened, people receive less Vitamin D due to the shorter days and people are more likely to spend greater periods of time indoors. The word Influenza was derived from the Italian phrase “influenza di freddo” meaning influence of the cold.

To combat this people stock up on vitamin C. It can be beneficial, but the numerous other factors that contribute to your overall health are determining elements.

All the added worries around the holidays; your Grandmother asking if you are in a relationship or plan to get married or what you plan to do after graduation can get exhausting and cause unnecessary stress. CBD has been shown to reduce stress levels so you can proudly say “I don’t know” to your family’s persistent lines of questions.

Not only will you feel at ease not having everything planned out, as you should, but CBD has been also shown to boost your immune system by supporting it to respond to with antibodies in the most effective way. CBD has also been linked with better sleep by reducing anxiety and rapid thoughts. Better sleep is important to prevent and get over viruses because it keeps your body at top-notch strength.

So when you’re ordering Vitamin C and D supplements, don’t forget to include a CBD gummy or two in your everyday regimen.

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