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How to Use CBD

February 16 2021

If you are unfamiliar with CBD and are wondering what is the best type of CBD for you to take, read Types of CBD to determine. Once you know what is the best type of CBD for your purposes, the question that remains is When and How to take CBD. The type, time of day, and methodology of consumption differs person to person based on biology but also on desired effects. 

CBD Universe offers numerous different types of products that are infused with various types of CBD to suit the needs of every type of customer: gummies, tinctures, topicals, gum, mints, gel capsules, vape cartridges, and cannabombs. 

One way people can infuse products with CBD themselves at home is with a Levo machine. This allows the user to streamline the infusing process and have complete control over the process. For further instructions, check out How to Cook with CBD Oil and Hemp Flower.

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