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  • The CBD Gold Rush

    December 14 2020

    The CBD Gold Rush

    In hindsight, it is easy to say that those who didn’t participate in the California Gold Rush missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime. In 1848 though, there was a lot of fear that dissuaded millions from participating. In 2018, the Farm Bill initiated another type of gold rush, the chase for CBD. The fear felt by those in...

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  • Did you say "Seabeedee" or "CBD"?

    September 28 2020

    Did you say "Seabeedee" or "CBD"?

    What is CBD? Every human has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) in their body. It is still being researched but is believed to play an important part in helping regulate numerous physiological and cognitive processes such as appetite, metabolism, mood, sleep, memory, pain, and immune system responses. As the name suggests, cannabinoids are naturally produced in the endocannabinoid system. CBD is...

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  • CBD Label Compliance for Novices

    September 14 2020

    CBD Label Compliance for Novices

    CBD Label Design What do we require on our labels to ensure FDA and state compliance? There are certain requirements as to what must be on a CBD product label in order to be FDA and state compliant. This pertains to our in-house manufactured products as well as compliances we follow for our white label/private label clients. These regulations are...

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  • Private Label CBD For Novices

    September 14 2020

    Private Label CBD For Novices

    Working with CBD Universe: If your company is interested in private labeling with CBD Universe, the first step is discussing their needs in regards of the type of product and quantity. One of our highly capable sales team members will talk through a complete timeline and will consultatively work with you to deliver what is wanted. This involves discussing the...

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  • When & How to Take CBD

    September 04 2020

    When & How to Take CBD

    A common question we get is: how do I take CBD? A common daily intake of CBD ranges from 20mg up to 150mg, based on multiple factors. It isn’t uncommon to see higher doses as well. Your dosage depends on the way you take it, the type you take and your body weight and chemistry, and what you want to...

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  • Spyder CBD: Elevate Your Recovery

    August 18 2020

    Spyder CBD: Elevate Your Recovery

    Spyder CBDElevate Your Recovery CBD Universe is the official unofficial CBD brand of Colorado. CBD Universe is also the exclusive licensee of Spyder CBD products: body lotion, sunscreen, face balm, lip balm, and muscle balm 🕷🕸 Watch this video to hear from our Founder & CEO on why he created Spyder CBD Spyder is one of the world’s most recognizable and...

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