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CBDU Crew Blog

This is where our CBD Universe crew contributes! 

  • The best type of CBD to use differs person to person. This blog will serve as your guide for a deeper understanding as to what is right for you.

    February 16 2021

    Types of CBD

    When it comes to taking CBD, determining which is the right kind for you is the most crucial step. The industry basics are Isolate, Broad Spectrum, and Full Spectrum. There is no one best cannabinoid, and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. For a more in-depth and direct comparison, read Clash of Cannabinoids and decide which you would...

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  • Delta 8 distillate, refined D8. Purification of CBD isolate into Delta-8 distillate.

    February 01 2021

    Delta-8 Cannabinoids

    Good guide on what you need to know about Delta-8 and the products enhanced with it. Concise overview of this exciting new cannabinoid. 

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