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CBDU Crew Blog

This is where our CBD Universe crew contributes! 

  • CBD is legal only if derived from industrial grade hemp. Currently, no legal claims can be made but there is unlimited anecdotal evidence that points to its efficacy.

    February 16 2021

    Hemp Derived CBD

    A brief introduction to different blogs to help readers focus on what content they are searching for and locate it in our blog page.

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  • Spyder's CBD Body Lotion is available in a large 7 fluid ounce size and a 3 ounce travel size.

    August 18 2020

    Spyder CBD: Elevate Your Recovery

    Spyder CBDElevate Your Recovery CBD Universe is the official unofficial CBD brand of Colorado. CBD Universe is also the exclusive licensee of Spyder CBD products: body lotion, sunscreen, face balm, lip balm, and muscle balm 🕷🕸 Watch this video to hear from our Founder & CEO on why he created Spyder CBD Spyder is one of the world’s most recognizable and...

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  • The best sunscreen for active runners, swimmers, hikers, and bicyclists.

    May 01 2020

    Why use CBD Sunscreen?

    The sun is shining... that means SUNSCREEN! Here in Colorado - where we're a mile closer to the sun (or two if you're in the mountains!) - we know it's important to find a sunscreen you LOVE and use daily. That's why we set out to make our favorite sunscreen when we partnered with Spyder Sports.  As outfitters of the US Olympic Ski team and one...

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