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CBDU Crew Blog

This is where our CBD Universe crew contributes! 

  • Each type of CBD can be used differently, as well as the numerous current ways to take it. This is your encompassing guide as to determine and understand how to use your CBD.

    February 16 2021

    How to Use CBD

    Are you interested in trying CBD, but you do not know what is the best method for you? Check out this article to answer all of your questions!

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  • CBD can be infused into almost anything you cook at home to provide you the benefits from the comfort of your kitchen.

    April 02 2020

    How to cook with CBD Oil and Hemp Flower

    Hemp Extract and CBD can be taken in a wide variety of ways ranging from tinctures, smoking, gummies, and everything in between. Sometimes these traditional ways of taking CBD can be easy, but there is always room to spice things up. Cooking with CBD has become something that has increased in popularity over the last couple of years, but if...

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