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When & How to Take CBD

September 04 2020

A common question we get is: how do I take CBD?

A common daily intake of CBD ranges from 20mg up to 150mg, based on multiple factors. It isn’t uncommon to see higher doses as well. Your dosage depends on the way you take it, the type you take and your body weight and chemistry, and what you want to accomplish by taking it. There are other factors, so be sure to consult your doctor about potential risks, especially if you are taking other medications.

Due to the lack of uniformity in reactions, users should start at smaller doses and gradually work their way up to higher ones, aka titrating. Keep track of how many milligrams you take and how you feel when you take them to know how much to increase your dosage. 

There are three things to consider when taking CBD:

Dosage, desired duration of effects, and bioavailability.
Determining your dosage was described in the first paragraph, but how do you know what you want your desired duration of effects or bioavailability to be? 

There are multiple methods to take your daily dose of CBD:

Edibles, sublingual, inhaling, and topicals. Edibles, such as gummies, mints, and capsules, have a bioavailability of about 15%. This means that 15% of the compounds reach your bloodstream and contribute to desired effects. Because CBD edibles are the slowest type to breakdown, the effects are not felt for an hour but offer the longest duration amongst the four ways to intake your dose.

Our gum and mints are made with water-soluble CBD so they can be up to 10x more bio-available than oil-based CBD products. Water-soluble CBD is made by nano-emulsifying the molecules making them smaller than typical CBD molecules, meaning that our bodies absorb the CBD more effectively, therefore requiring less total CBD per dose. 

Sublinguals, such as a tincture, offer a bioavailability of about 35%. The accepted thought process is that the longer you hold the tincture under your tongue, the high the rate of absorption is.

Inhalables, such as vapes and smoking dry flower, have a bioavailability of around 40-50%. These effects of these are felt the quickest as the CBD is absorbed through the lungs, but also subside the quickest as well. The last way to take your daily CBD is through topicals such as lip balms, body lotions, face creams, muscle balms, and lip balms.

CBD topicals do not actually enter the bloodstream but are meant to help with localized issues. For example, the Spyder Muscle Balm does not help regulate your entire endocannabinoid system, it will help provide relief to the specific area in which you apply it, such as a sore bicep or back.

In term of the best time to take the CBD:

It varies person to person. Some people prefer taking their CBD in the morning to help manage pain and others prefer to take it at night to relax before bed. The benefits are the same, so I would recommend trying low doses at different times throughout the week and basing your CBD schedule of that assessment. I personally take gummies in the morning and mints throughout the day if I’m feeling stressed. 

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