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Why use CBD Sunscreen?

May 01 2020

The sun is shining... that means SUNSCREEN!

Here in Colorado - where we're a mile closer to the sun (or two if you're in the mountains!) - we know it's important to find a sunscreen you LOVE and use daily. That's why we set out to make our favorite sunscreen when we partnered with Spyder Sports. 

As outfitters of the US Olympic Ski team and one of the most trusted Active Lifestyle brands for over 40 years, Spyder has high standards. A lot like us, which is why our partnership is so successful 😉

Spyder SPF 50 sunscreen contains 14mg CBD per teaspoon of lotion. Tropically scented and comprised of mineral elements, zinc, avocado oil, green tea, and aloe vera plus restorative CBD properties and protection all at once.


Spyder SPF 50 sunscreen is the real deal. Stay protected from UVA/UVB rays, keep redness at bay, do good for your skin and the earth by choosing a Zinc base. 

CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory, adding an extra protective layer from strong sunlight. No lobster arms for you!

AND it smells heavenly. Or... beachenly? Tropical notes of coconut banana whisk you away to a far off white sand beach, holding a fruity-something with a little umbrella. 

We know - it's kinda hard shopping for a new sunscreen without trying it in person, so step by step: below is proof that Spyder CBD mineral based Zinc sunscreen won't leave you chalky and pasty. No way!

Spyder SPF 50 sunscreen is perfect for people that love being outdoors and active, and is enhanced with CBD hemp extract.

Spider CBD Sunscreen is zinc based with avocado oil, and goes on smooth and clear. It won't leave your skin white.

CBD sunscreen is anti-inflammatory to combat redness and sun irritation. CBD Universe sells the best mineral based sunscreen enhanced with hemp extract



Daily, year-round sun protection is recommended as UV rays can damage the skin in less than 15 minutes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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