Our Competitive Advantage

Here at CBD Universe, it is not enough for us to provide high-quality CBD products.

We want to make sure we continue to offer the best of the best, and
that means putting the work in to create new ways to grow hemp
plants that produce more of the compounds we want, and to extract
the highest quality CBD oil and isolate. Not only does this mean
ongoing improvements and higher-quality CBD products, but it also
means we are continually working toward better cost savings and
advantages that we can pass along to our customers.

Our Process



We use specific cannabinoid extraction and isolation chromatography technology to quickly and accurately extract the cannabinoid compounds that go into our full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products.

This technology means a faster, better extraction process, which, in turn, means we can provide more competitive pricing and more expedited turnaround for production — without compromising on quality.

Our Process:

provides for every aspect of the production of
premium phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil and cannabinoid isolates.

Essentially, this process sets us apart in the industry by giving us the means to produce high-quality CBD products more efficiently, so we can provide savings without a drop in quality or service.

Full-Service Hemp and CBD Product Creation

We keep our brand design, development, and production in house so that we can fast-track our schedule to market without cutting corners. We do not outsource our production process to others because keeping everything in-house means a better final product. By owning the entire process – from production to product design – we can better ensure that talented professionals have a say in making all of our finished products high-quality — without higher costs. Our one-source supplier mindset is in place to help us meet our central goal of providing the highest quality hemp and CBD products at affordable prices; meaning you, our customer, can see the benefits.

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