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All CBD Universe and Greater Hemp Edibles

If you're interested in drop shipping CBD Universe, we can help!

We have partnered up with Smoke Drop to provide you the smoothest dropshipping experience. 

How to Sign Up:

  1. Sign Up Using this Link Here.Use the promo code CBDUNIVERSE
  2. Once you've signed up, search for CBD Universe. 
  3. Done! You're free to add any of our products.

Dropshipping Through Smoke Drop


There are more benefits with using this app than any other one!

Best Prices

When you have a network or marketplace of different vendors, you're going to have some competition. Competition for sellers means better prices for you, as the dropshipper. You will find the best places for all smoking or vaping accessories all on this app.

Less Work

It's amazing how simple it is to use this app. You don't have to upload any products through CSV data sheets or email orders to vendors. Simply add all your products directly to your Shopify store. Even the product description!

More Sales

If you want to focus on your business more, using the Smoke Drop app will do just that. You will get more hands-on time to focus adding more products to your site rather than finding vendors to ship from.


Here are the best features if you want to use this app!

Automated Fulfillment

It's a pain when you have to email your vendor the buyers shipping address and then manually enter the tracking number onto the order the next day. Imagine all that being automated without you having to be involved. Well now it is! Simply get an order and get it fulfilled by the vendor.

Real-Time Inventory

You never have to second guess how much is in stock of a certain product. When this product is synced up with sellers account, it automatically uses their inventory.  If you or someone else sells one, their inventory will also drop!