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CBD to Elevate your Recovery

Introducing Spyder CBD from the world's leading outdoor performance brand. Spyder's High Performance Hemp is formulated to activate and balance your body's natural endocannabinoid system. 

Focused on enhancing your active lifestyle both on and off the mountain, we pride ourselves on advanced technical composition and formula. 

Professionally formulated, High Performance CBD you can trust. 

Each product contains legal, safe, hemp-derived CBD; no THC, no psychoactive effects.

Spyder CBD Gift Set and Travel Kit

This high-performance CBD Gift Set includes travel sized sunscreen and body lotion, and full sized muscle balm, face cream and lip balm, preparing you for protection anywhere life takes you. All items are TSA and airplane friendly; bring our travel kit along anywhere.

Spyder SPF 50 CBD Sunscreen

Spyder SPF 50 CBD Sunscreen made of zinc, avocado oil, green tea, and aloe vera plus soothing CBD. High performance SPF 50 Zinc sunscreen is designed to keep you safe while you're active outside.

Spyder Cooling CBD Muscle Balm

Spyder CBD Muscle Balm cools and soothes as it relieves aches and pains. Our high potency CBD rich muscle balm with menthol, coconut oil, and shea butter is formulated to soothe stressed and tired muscles.

Spyder Soothing CBD Body Lotion

Spyder CBD Body Lotion is formulated to soothe and smooth skin and relax all over. With a fresh, light citrus scent, Spyder lotion is botanically enhanced with calendula, peach oil, and aloe vera. 

Spyder Hydrating CBD Face Cream

Ultra-rich & hydrating, Spyder CBD Face Cream contains a high concentration of CBD and is formulated to soothe and restore the skin’s healthy balance. With a light citrus scent, regular application can aid in the fight against the visual signs of aging like redness and inflammation.

Spyder CBD Lip Balm

Spyder CBD Lip Balm with 40mg CBD prevents chapped lips in harsh conditions and helps restore dry lips back to normal. CBD helps soothe the skin while the balm forms a barrier between your lips and the environment, protecting them from damage and giving them an opportunity to hydrate and heal.

Spyder & CBD Universe Partnership

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a major cannabinoid found in legally grown hemp.

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which plays a role in most bodily functions such as stress, pain, sleep, mood, and muscle health.

While your body naturally produces cannabinoids, hemp-derived products, including CBD, are another means of supplementing your body with cannabinoids to naturally maintain andbalance your ECS.

Using CBD on your skin and muscles may ease pain due to its natural anti-inflammatory and dermatological benefits.