Cannabinoid Quarantine Kit



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Cannabinoid Quarantine Kit


We believe in the power of cannabinoids.
At CBD Universe, we use our own products daily - this kit contains our top 5 favorites.

Your wellness matters, especially now. Your endocannabinoid system regulates anxiety, mood, immune health, metabolism, pain regulation - so many essential parts of our daily lives.

Keep your endocannabinoid system healthy with our Cannabinoid Quarantine Kit! Our specially-curated pack of five best-selling products will give you a 1 month supply of benefits from broad spectrum cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC.

Cannabinoid Quarantine Kit contains: 

  1. 1 bottle of 30 Vegan Multivitamin Gummies, 10mg Broad Spectrum each
  2. 1 bottle of 60 Gel Capsules, 25mg Broad Spectrum each
  3. 1 Natural Broad Spectrum Tincture, 1000mg (can be added to food & drinks or taken directly)
  4. 1 Spyder Muscle Balm, 800mg CBD
  5. 1 Spyder Body Lotion, 645mg CBD

For a total of 4,245mg Cannabinoids!


Additional Product Info

Tincture: 1ml or 1 dropper
Gummies: 10mg per gummy
Gel Capsules: 25mg per capsule
Muscle Balm: 53mg CBD per teaspoon
Body Lotion: 37.5mg CBD per teaspoon

5 products total

4245mg total CBD

Tincture: natural
Gummies: assorted fruit flavors
Gel Capsules: unflavored
Muscle Balm: menthol scent
Body Lotion: light fresh citrus scent

Includes (1) Broad Spectrum 1000mg Tincture, (1) 30ct bottle of multi-vitamin gummies, (1) 60-ct bottle of broad spectrum daily gel capsules, (1) Spyder CBD-infused Muscle Balm, and (1) Spyder cbd-infused Travel Size Body Lotion