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Spyder Soothing CBD Body Lotion



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Spyder Soothing CBD Body Lotion



7 fl oz

Product CBD Dose


37.5mg per teaspoon
Product Fill Weight


Full size: 7 fl oz / 200 mL Tavel size: 3 fl oz / 86 mL
Product Total CBD

Total CBD

Full Size: 1500mg

Travel Size: 645mg

Product Scent & Flavor


Fresh citrus. Not too sweet, subtle invigorating scent.

Elevate your Recovery with Spyder CBD.

Spyder CBD Body Lotion is formulated to soothe and smooth skin and relax all over. With a fresh, light citrus scent, Spyder lotion is botanically enhanced with calendula, peach oil, and aloe vera. Spyder CBD Body Lotion can be used day and night for soft skin. Apply to hands and body, especially arms, legs, back, and neck.

Available Full Size, 7 fl oz, 1500mg CBD, or Travel Size, 3 fl oz, 645mg CBD. Convenient for home or travel use.

Each teaspoon sized amount of CBD Body Lotion contains 37.5mg CBD regardless of large or travel tube size. 
For extra relief of aches, layer under our Spyder CBD infused Muscle Balm.