The CBD Universe Advantage

Grow your business with the support of a full services distribution and private label manufacturing partner. With unprecedented capabilities, and the best products the industry has to offer, CBD Universe is here to help you grow your business profitably and responsibly.

Consolidate Supply Chain: Lower your costs and simplify your procurement processes by working with CBD Universe on a variety of products. Above and beyond standard manufacturer offerings, you can take advantage of product guarantees, warranties, and all of the CBD Universe benefits on all products. Earn points on every dollar you spend with us to get free products and materials! Increase your margins and profits, decrease the number of vendors you need.


Guaranteed Compliance: Don’t stress about whoopsy-daisy’s, oversite’s that effect your business, or receiving any products that isn’t complete with all necessary compliance documentation. Our products are guaranteed compliant and complete, or your money back.


Bonded and Insured: CBD Universe carries insurance coverages in excess of $10M per occurrence that are designed to cover you too. In the event we have claims, omissions, or any issues, rest assured that products coming from CBD Universe are covered.


No Brokers, ever: CBD Universe is a true distributor, so you can count on any products that you buy from us will always be consistent and have the same compliance documentation, guarantees, and quality. We will never drop ship you product from a supplier, everything goes through our procurement processes before being marketed for sale.


In house Supporting Personnel: We have a large staff of supporting personnel that can help you with more than just your procurement needs. In house creative and packaging design, point of purchase designs, drop ship department, and legal compliance team are just the start. Take advantage of our wide range of abilities and centralized databases to save time and money.

Speak to one of our experienced representatives to learn more about how we can help your business.

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